Old Town Swing 2018
September 27 – October 1, Tallinn, Estonia
General Rules

• Competitors must purchase the appropriate weekend pass.
• Competitors must register for each competition by the entry deadline.
• Competitors must pay the required entry fees.
• Competitors must sign the appropriate waivers before competing.
• Competitors must wear assigned numbers on their backs during all competitions. Leaders should attach their numbers between their shoulder blades and followers should attach their numbers at their lower back. During the Strictly Swing contests, only leaders may wear numbers.
• Results will be posted for viewing after the awards ceremony.

GENDER ROLES – Old Town Swing does not restrict competitors to Male Lead and Female Follow roles, however we do adhere to the WSDC rules for Jack and Jill West Coast Swing competitions, which are that a competitor may not dance in both roles in a WSDC Jack and Jill at the event. Old Town Swing will allow competitors to dance in both roles for Strictly Swing competitions as long as they are in different skill level divisions in each role.

Jack & Jill Competitions
Jack & Jill competitions are designed to showcase a competitor’s skills in spontaneous swing dancing and their ability to dance well with a variety of partners. Competitors enter individually and are randomly assigned to several partners.
Preliminaries – Each dancer will be judged individually as a leader or a follower.
Finals – You will be judged and scored as a couple.

• For West Coast Swing, you may choose to Lead or Follow regardless of your gender, however you may not dance in the other role in a WSDC J&J for this weekend event.
• You may only dance in just one skill level division plus one age level division.
• Partner selection is luck of the draw.
• During the preliminaries, couples will be judged in heats and will rotate partners as many times as deemed necessary by the judges.
• Should there be an imbalance in the number of leaders and followers entered in the contest, some contestants may be required to dance in more than one heat.
• If semi-finals are required, an announcement will be made regarding the time and number of dancers chosen to advance. Couples will be judged in heats and will rotate partners as many times as deemed necessary by the judges.
• Contest music and the order in which it is played will be selected by the DJs.
• Lifts, Breakaways or Routines are not permitted in Jack & Jill competitions. Drops will be permitted only in Intermediate, Advanced, and Open divisions.
• This is a World Swing Dance Council Registry Event for West Coast Swing. We will be using the WSDC Jack & Jill Points Registry to determine your division. The registry provides the points resulting from participation in national swing dance competitions. Please refer to the WSDC Points Registry Rules found on the WSDC website to determine where you should compete.
• If you have never competed before, you must dance in Newcomer. If you have less than 5 Newcomer points, you may dance in Newcomer or Novice. If you have 5 or more Newcomer points, you must dance in Novice.