Old Town Swing 
September 28 – October 2 2017, Tallinn, Estonia


The Old Town Swing event are proud to present the professional line-up of West coast swing teachers, MC and Djs. 
Christopher Dumond & Tara Trafzer
  1. Tara Trafzer
    Tara Trafzer
    Tara Trafzer has been dancing for twenty-two years. She has been trained in classical Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Latin, Hip Hop, and West Coast Swing with the Schwimmer’s. Tara is known for her teaching that focuses on swing technique as well as incorporating musicality into the dance for all levels. Also within the last year she has been gaining a reputation with her historical facts as a MC across the United States. Tara teaches at events and workshop weekends both domestic and internationally. Her extensive training in a multitude of dances contributes to her ability to reach dancers from all backgrounds. She has competed in the Young Adult Routine Division since she was thirteen and has competed in the Showcase Division for a total of four years. Tara now competes in the Classic Division with her partner, Christopher Dumond.
  2. Christopher Dumond
    Christopher Dumond
    Christopher Dumond has been dancing since 2004 in Hip Hop and Ballet. He first discovered West Coast Swing in 2007 at the age of thirteen at the Schwimmer’s Dance Center. Since then he has trained in many forms of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Latin, Ballroom, etc. Through the years since he has started Christopher has won many contests in Jack ’N’ Jill’s, Strictly’s, and Routine divisions. He is most known for his musicality in his dancing along with his characteristic performances in routines. He is proud of his accomplishments in the past and can’t wait to see what the future holds for both himself and West Coast Swing as well.
  1. Olivier and Virginie MASSART
    Olivier and Virginie MASSART
    Olivier and Virginie MASSART are based in Lyon (FRA). Their love for WCS started in 2005 when WCS was new in Europe. They have been travelling to share their passion arould the world since then. They are running two of the biggest event in Europe : French Open WCS and West in Lyon. Olivier and Virginie are also competing in Champions level in the World WCS circuit. Another dream they could get through is to make the all world danced the same choreography on the same day with the International Flashmob. Fun-Technique-Style... you will get a piece of the french WCS with these two !
  1. Matilda Tuomela
    Matilda Tuomela
    Currently on her fifth and final year at the university pursuing a degree in teaching dance, Matilda has an eclectic dance background including ballet, jazz, contemporary, salsa and other latin styles, belly dancing and pole dancing. She discovered WCS in 2010 and shortly realized it was the perfect dance for her. Travelling to events most weekends of the year and training with the best WCS instructors in the world, she is now competing at all-star level, teaching and judging locally and internationally. On the social dance floor Matilda is especially known for her creativity and strong follower influence.
  1. Ibirocay Regueira
    Ibirocay Regueira
    Ibirocay tried many different dance forms before he got involved into partner dancing. Latin folklore, hip-hop, flamenco, jazz, ballett, etc. but it wasn’t until he took his first salsa steps that he found himself. Today he is a 3 time silver medalist in the World Salsa Championships with over 20 years of teaching experience and has traveled and performed at most mayor congresses all over the world. In search of new inspiration, he first witnessed WCS on VHS tapes back in 2001, but it wasn’t until a few years later that he realized what it actually was. In search for more, he stumbled upon several YouTube videos and was immediately hooked. After an introduction course in 2008 he continued on the learning path traveling to events, taking workshops, privates and social dancing. He tried his luck competing for the first time at the UK champs 2012 and just recently, made it as first Scandinavian dancer up to the All-Star division. He has been teaching WCS in Sweden since 2010 and is now getting the opportunity to share his passion in the international circuit.
  1. Coleen Man
    Coleen Man
    Coleen Man is now one of the top ranked West Coast Swing Dancers in the UK and Europe. After quickly rising up the ranks she is now competing in WSDC Allstar Division. After finding West Coast Swing in 2010 she has since been competing, teaching and judging all over the world. Coleen has trained as a dancer for most of her life and has gone on to be a registered RAD ballet teacher and has her own dance school in the UK. Her vast dance knowledge, not only in West Coast Swing, and her 15 years in dance teaching has meant that her teaching has become popular both in the UK and in Europe. She strives to make both Leaders and Followers the most sought after dancers, because of their smooth connection and ability to have a “conversation” within the dance.